Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The First Batche of Buttons

These are the First of some New button's I've just finished, they will be listed on Folksy later today. Sorry that I have only made a pair of these but as you read you'll see why. They measure 5cm x 4cm and are about 4mm thick, they are big and bold.
Made in Brazilian Kingwood, one of the hardest wood's to obtain now, export from Brazil has been banned under CITES since 1992. but this batch date's from a batch of wood imported in 1982, and I have found only 1 other person willing to sell me some of their stock (I'm limited to buying unwanted off-cuts, but one small off-cut will last me about 12 months, but I am searching the UK for some more.
Not sure what price to charge for these buttons, do I charge what I think they are worth (£5 for the Pair) or do I charge as if they were Jewellery. They have a Satin finish, and are easily shower proof, but are not going to survive being in a washing machine.

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  1. Hello. You already have a good reputation for your work Woody, so charge what you think they are worth. They will last a lifetime so are worth that bit extra. They are also handcrafted, beautiful and unique.