Saturday, 18 July 2009

Great competition

This is a great competition that anyone can enter, I have, why don't you

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Two new events needing crafters

First, Busybees @ City Hospital Nottingham.... the stall's are free with timings being from 12noon til 3pm on the Hospital cricket pitch. It's on Saturday 15th August. see the poster for more details (just click for larger image)

The 2nd event is the 3rd Apples and Pears and crafty wares event at Hockley Market in Nottingham, and the good news is that this event will take place on the 4th Saturday of every month leading up to Christmas Click on the poster for more details

Sneak Peek again

I have some friend who are going to TreeFest up near Newstead Abbey this weekend, and I'm just finishing some new stock at home today, ready for them to take, along with a load of my other stock. If they do bring much back, then I'll be able to this new stuff to my shops online. So I thought I would just post about them today, so here a few picks of the pendants and bit's, there all laid out on the table waiting a final polish and placeing on chains etc.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

4 Buttons in Roupala Lacewood

This set of 4 Buttons is in Roupala Lacewood, this wood does not photograph well, but has a fantastic pattern, the oval buttons measure 3cm x 4cm and are again about 4mm thick. they have a satin finish having had two coats of oil, they will survive getting wet, but don't stick the in the washing machine. Remember with all wood product, they will absorb water if you don't care for them. I'm thinking of charging £6 for the set. but may need to charge £8 as I've split a finger working on them (Don't worry, the blood was all on the drill, which got jammed in the sacrifice block underneath, and only cut me when I was trying to free it).

The First Batche of Buttons

These are the First of some New button's I've just finished, they will be listed on Folksy later today. Sorry that I have only made a pair of these but as you read you'll see why. They measure 5cm x 4cm and are about 4mm thick, they are big and bold.
Made in Brazilian Kingwood, one of the hardest wood's to obtain now, export from Brazil has been banned under CITES since 1992. but this batch date's from a batch of wood imported in 1982, and I have found only 1 other person willing to sell me some of their stock (I'm limited to buying unwanted off-cuts, but one small off-cut will last me about 12 months, but I am searching the UK for some more.
Not sure what price to charge for these buttons, do I charge what I think they are worth (£5 for the Pair) or do I charge as if they were Jewellery. They have a Satin finish, and are easily shower proof, but are not going to survive being in a washing machine.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

blog update

Things have been busy for the last two weeks, and now i have a long list to blog about, but just to bring things up to date.

The buttons won by Whafedale Woolworks have now been made and sent, it was quite a challenge as i needed to do quite a bit of rummaging in my wood to find the right bits.
I've just realised i never took any photos so maybe Kristy would be kind enough, if she likes them to post some.

I've sent Lillie's the first part of my de-trash, should have the next part finished by the end of the weekend and in the post Monday.

On to other news.

Crafts East Midlands is up, and while it's not running fast, it is moving.
At our First Meeting I was Elected President, now we need to sort out our First Crafts Fair.
I need to bring our website up to date, and gradually hand over some of the jobs to others.

I've done craft fairs over the last two weekends and they have been very good, so now I have loads of stock to replace. and need to set aside time to start ring round stockist to see if they need any more stock.

My next craft fair will be at Hockley Markets, as part of a new regular event being organised by CuriosityHaus, I'll post a copy of the poster when i get a copy.

Now I've posted some updates, I don't feel so guilty.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

How to Work out Cost Price

The figures given here are just examples, I'm not giving away my raw data.

So i need to know how much it cost to make an item
2, I want to know my Wholesale Price
3, I need my lowest retail price for a Gallery (they want 50% commission)
4, I need my selling price for a craft fair

So lets look at Number 1, my cost price

Start with a very simple sum, this is my only job, how much do I want to earn in a year (Being realistic say it's our first year), Now I want to earn £30,000 a year, that's £2500 per month, or £577 per month or if your like me (7 days a week) £82 per day, say £10 per hour.
so our first fixed price is £10 per hour.
Next look at my overheads my studio cost me £155 per month or over a year £5 per day.
My Equipment cost me £4,000, Allowing depreciation's thats about £1000 a year, or £2.70 a day
Consumables such as sandpaper, danish oil, saw blades, jewellery findings, miscellanea cost such as light bulbs, Petrol, Liability insurance, MOT on the car, tea, milk, Sugar, cleaning cloths, brushes, mop heads, bin bags, basically every single thing i use in the workshop/studio
add the above to the hourly rate and my cost per hour come out at about £23.50

Next we add in my materials cost, say one block of king wood at £25, and say i get 25 items out of it that a £1 per item,

or look at it another way, i can use one piece of king wood in an hour, so £25 for materials, and £23.50 for my time, and i produce 25 items that means each item cost £1.94 to produce.

Do i have my cost price, possibly, but for safety sake allowing for inflation etc, lets round it up and say £2.10 per item.

Now for my wholesale price, giving me negotiation room to give discounts, I double my cost price
that means i sell wholesale at £4.20

Now my list or recommended retail price is based on the formula of £2.10 x 3.16 = £6.63 1/2, so when a gallery want a 50/50 split we get £3.31 each (or there abouts).

So how much do i sell for at a craft fair. it would be about £6. as i hate loads of change

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Button compitition

Thank you to all of you who entered, keep your eye's open and watch my shop, as I'll be adding some buttons soon.
Now. as to the winner.
The Winner is, thanks to my son (who wanted to eat the names in the hat)....wharfdalewoolworks... how will be getting her button in about a week (as I now need to go make them)

There may be some runners up prizes. but not straight away as I'm flat out at the present time.