Wednesday, 15 July 2009

4 Buttons in Roupala Lacewood

This set of 4 Buttons is in Roupala Lacewood, this wood does not photograph well, but has a fantastic pattern, the oval buttons measure 3cm x 4cm and are again about 4mm thick. they have a satin finish having had two coats of oil, they will survive getting wet, but don't stick the in the washing machine. Remember with all wood product, they will absorb water if you don't care for them. I'm thinking of charging £6 for the set. but may need to charge £8 as I've split a finger working on them (Don't worry, the blood was all on the drill, which got jammed in the sacrifice block underneath, and only cut me when I was trying to free it).


  1. Those are some big ass buttons and I know what you mean about the wood from my hubs new keyring, the pattern and grain on this wood is gorgeous and not very common (or at least I've seen nothing like it). I'd pay £8 for the set of four definitely. I've paid close to a fiver for one wooden button before.

  2. Lovely buttons, and just wanted to say I'm a big fan of your wooden jewellery!

    Looking frward to reading your future posts.
    Charlotte - your new follower :)