Monday, 5 October 2009

Getting ready for christmas

Getting ready to go off to the studio, where i hope to finish my first batch of Christmas Tree Decorations today, I'm still working on one or two shapes (even wondering if i need them), being a snowman and a Christmas cracker, I think i need to look at how many I've made and decide how many will be in a set, I'm hoping to have about 4 different sets, with only one or two repeats in each set, and i still haven't decided how many in a set or what price to sell them at.
I've been up since about 5am, scribbling out designs for a new project, one that is slightly frighting for me, you see, i have decided to enter two open competition, one in Leicester and one in Nottingham, how hard it's going to be to make three items for Leicester and 6 For Nottingham, and what to make, the first one has to be ready by November 1st, i would love to know what the prizes are for Leicester, but it Doesn't list them, the Nottingham open has a first prize of £1500, and 4 x £250 and several exhibition prizes. Now I have never entered a competition without wanting to win, But this is something totally do you train for this, how can you beat the opposition when you don't know who they are, oh well, I'll just have to make perfection and hope the judges see clearly.