Thursday, 9 July 2009

blog update

Things have been busy for the last two weeks, and now i have a long list to blog about, but just to bring things up to date.

The buttons won by Whafedale Woolworks have now been made and sent, it was quite a challenge as i needed to do quite a bit of rummaging in my wood to find the right bits.
I've just realised i never took any photos so maybe Kristy would be kind enough, if she likes them to post some.

I've sent Lillie's the first part of my de-trash, should have the next part finished by the end of the weekend and in the post Monday.

On to other news.

Crafts East Midlands is up, and while it's not running fast, it is moving.
At our First Meeting I was Elected President, now we need to sort out our First Crafts Fair.
I need to bring our website up to date, and gradually hand over some of the jobs to others.

I've done craft fairs over the last two weekends and they have been very good, so now I have loads of stock to replace. and need to set aside time to start ring round stockist to see if they need any more stock.

My next craft fair will be at Hockley Markets, as part of a new regular event being organised by CuriosityHaus, I'll post a copy of the poster when i get a copy.

Now I've posted some updates, I don't feel so guilty.

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