Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Button compitition

OK, following a request, and what appears to be a need, I'll make a few buttons up, but here's the thing, how big, how far apart are the holes, all the rest, shape, colours, how many in a set etc.

For everyone that posts a comment with advice on what you want, I'll enter into a draw to be drawn on 1st of July.

The winner will win a set of buttons from the sample I've made by then, they get to choose one full set (however many make a set)

So get posting


  1. Hi! I think I should go first.....
    I would love some standard buttons at about 2cms diameter, with the holes about 3 mm apart. But for me, HUGE buttons would be good too-about 5cm-8 cm diameter for round ones. But as I am a bit different, large square, triangular,oval and octagonal ones would certainly float my boat too and get me buying buying buying!As for colours, I love all of the woods currently in your Folksy shop, so go for it, it is such a wonderful material you are using (I love the natural side of life) I would also do between 4-6 in smaller buttons as sets, maybe 1-2 for jumbo buttons depending on how big you go. Hope that helps and.... pick me pick me!!!!

  2. Ooo I love buying 'sets' of 3 or 6 buttons that are all slightly kooky and different. I am constantly changing my buttons on my cardies from the horrid plastic ones you get to lovely different and unique designs. They would obviously all have to be the same size!

    And no - pick me!


  3. When I am buying buttons I like them to be all a little different and have used wood before for this reason, love to see the natural colour tones and grain( is this the right term?) Round, flower shape or hearts about 2-3cm, and packs of 3 (I use them individually so this is a selfish request .. sorry!) Can't wait to see what you come up with and am sure I will be tempted can't resist buttons. Debbie;-)

  4. A set of 6 buttons is what I prefer, any shape or size will do as I use them for all sorts! Would like to see and have some really large buttons though, about 4-5 cm in diameter, would look fab on skirts or even coats...anything really! Prefer natural wood look. Mind you I did say any shape but I also love heart and flower shaped buttons anything thats unique and different will do me fine! Buttons rock!! Good luck everyone may the greatest button lover be chosen! Sukhi :)

  5. I'm not choosy!! I just love buttons!! I'm currently looking at using more distinctive buttons on my Itty Bitty creations & have just purchased some from Mollimoo. This means that any buttons used get a special mention with my kitties - more piblicity for my fellow hardworking crafters!!

    Great looking blog too - look forward to visiting again.

  6. I like all kinds of buttons, but about 2cm would be a good size, however if they work well I would have thought you could sell all kinds of sizes. I prefer ones with four holes rather than two. As for pack sizes 6 buttons is a good number to go on clothing, personally I would like a random pack of styles and sizes as I tend to use buttons individually in craft projects.

    Good luck, I look forward to seeing the finished buttons.

  7. My buttons are some of my best sellers, especially the smaller ones. They are around 1cm to 2cm each depending of the design and just have the two holes. I would suggest this might be a good way to start making some. Also if i were to see some wooden buttons from you they'd have to be different geometric shapes like triangle, square and circle. Each shape would be a different colour of wood, like squares a red wood, triangle a bluer wood and circles a yellow. Yep i like those very Bauhaus.

  8. I love wooden buttons! I'm always trying to find nice ones to go on my finished knits. I would particularly like to get hold of some square or rectangular ones 4-5cm across in the heart/sap wood contrast I have seen in your shop, or some round or oval ones 3-4cm diameter in Becote or Zebrano. I tend to buy buttons that size in 2s or 4s. Smaller buttons I would buy in 6s or 8s. With the large buttons I like two holes about 2mm diameter approx 1cm apart. Is that enough information? lol

  9. I'd love a few handmade wood buttons. I'd use them to fasten my handmade bags. Fairly large - at least one inch long. I'd like them to be different sizes and shapes, but not round, probably oval, or 'cigar' shaped. I'd love them in any shade of natural wood, with holes approx 5mm apart.
    Then again small round buttons would look lovely used on jewellery.
    Probably, though, I'd just have to keep them to replace the boring buttons on an item of clothing!

  10. i like anything a bit different any shape size or colour but the more unique it looks the better

  11. Hi, finally made it over to your blog again after this mornings fiasco.
    I think big buttons too. 1.5-2.5 inches and around 5mm think. Two holes about 15mm appart and lots of natural wood shades. Stained wood would be good too. Especially on really large focal buttons that could be used singly on a cardigan or handbag.
    Shaped ones would be nice like triangles and squares but with really rounded off corners. And smooth to touch.
    Hope that helps and look forward to seeing what you make : )

  12. I saw some wooden buttons once that were slices of a 3cm thick branch. They were polished, but still had the bark around the edges, can you make things like that? I also really like shaped buttons, like a simple leaf or square shaped. Ooooh and large buttons are always great for bags too, xXx
    (I'm not on blogspot so here's my Folksy link: http:www.aleximo.folksy.com)

  13. Buttons are fab! Most of the buttons I 'collect' from friends & family get used as eyes on my nutty creatures so I'm open to all shapes and sizes. In fact it's always great to have buttons that aren't round. A bit of ridging detail or colour change is good - quite like 4 holes although 3 in a triangle button might be fun? Anything from 2 buttons upwards - although I spose I could make a cyclops!
    Look forward to seeing the results.